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GoodBye To One Of The Greatest

RIP Whitney Houston Newark New Jersey’s Own. She sold 170 million records, won 415 Awards, 2 Emmys, 6 Grammys, 22 American Music Awards, 30 Billboard Awards+ The Original Diva!


Today in Black History

20120203-150048.jpgOn February 03, 1886
The First Negro Baseball League is founded. The Southern League of Colored Base Ballists….

Celebrate Black History

Black History Month is an observance of the history of the African diaspora in a number of nations, Since 1976, observed annually in the US & Canada in February, while in UK it is observed in October. In the U.S., BHM is also referred to as African-American History Month.

1st Black US Attorney General

In 2009 Eric Holder becomes the first black person to be confirmed as United States Attorney General.

Doubled To Your Mustache


Golf Wang

20120124-011121.jpg Tylers propably going to kill me for this but this kid was so excited to get the Golf Wang tee. I had too… OFWGKTADGAF


20120118-213957.jpg Google says 4.5 million people signed anti-SOPA petition today. Also Today, the White House Blog reports that 103,785 people signed petitions through the We The People website asking the president to protect a free and open Internet.