Hometown Street Skatepark

Many memories I had growing up…. I had visions of being a skate board professional like Tony Hawk. I used to daredevil myself with BMX bikes as well. I use to roam my city looking for some thing to jump or jump off! Skate culture like Hip Hop was in it’s Toddler stage and was not yet grown into the subculture cult commercial movement that it is today. It pretty much wasn’t cool to be a young black kid who like skateboarding, surfing or BMX freestyle tricks & Jumps…

So I was so excited to be Evacuated from my Barrier Island on the Jersey Shore….while Hurricane Irene punks the entire east coast especially NY…. I retreated to my home town.. During my stay I took an afternoon walk through the park with a ninja… So much is still the same as I check in on Facebook, “Finding Beauty in my Hometown.

Then I see some thing I never thought I see… The tennis court along the raceway next to the old landfill, was transformed into the coolest/shitty skate park I’d ever seen. I was so excited.. What sucks is that it was locked up and looked deserted…
I hope some young kids are jumping the fence… To practice.. Yes Practice…
This way I can sign them as the face of Doubled Brands Skate Division.





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