10 Awesome Free Sans Serif Fonts

10 Awesome Free Sans Serif Fonts

written by: Andrew Houle / 04.19.09


I find it so important as a designer to have an awesome library of fonts at your fingertips. Choosing the correct one can make or break a design. The resources are out there to find some great free fonts, but sometimes the search can be a bit overwhelming. I’ve decided to put together a series of posts that feature my 10 favorite fonts in 5 different major categories.

Series Overview

Here Are My Top Ten Free Sans Serif Fonts

1. Aller [ Download ]


2. Aurulent Sans [ Download ]


3. Bitstream Vera Sans [ Download ]


4. Colaborate [ Download ]


5. Fontin [ Download ]


6. Luxi Sans [ Download ]


7. Mayberry Pro [ Download ]


8. Museo Sans [ Download ]


9. Sansation [ Download ]


9. Surface [ Download ]


Final Thoughts

I found all these fonts at my favorite free font site – Font Squirrel. The best part is they are available for commercial use! So what did you think of this list? What are your favorite free sans serif fonts?

Source: MyInkblog


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