Michael Jackson Auction Painting

Michael Jackson Auction Painting of weird kids

Michael Jackson’s bizarre inner world is now on display and up for auction. You could actually own these terrifically frightening and strange paintings if you were the highest bidder. There’s a really creepy collection of oddities amongst the otherwise “normal” collection of antiques and furniture…a Virtual Boy, thrones, more weird paintings of Master Jackson (many with children), lots of Peter Pan inspired art and artifacts, creepy (actual-size) red-haired girl figures, haunting baby dolls and more. Watch the slideshow of photos (taken by comedian Paul Scheer of Human Giant fame) and see if you don’t feel the need for a shower afterward. As someone wrote in the comments section of Flickr, can you imagine working at Neverland and having to look at this stuff everyday?

Source: hugemagazine
SlideSHOW:            Watch the slideshow of photos


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