5 Things We Wish We Knew

Design student tips from a presentation at the Art Institute in Chicago.

Opening title. We’re betting we’d kick more ass if we knew some of this in school.

Mix, Mingle and Collaborate with Animators, Illustrators, Typographers, Photographers, Motion Designers, Seamstresses, and people Smarter + Better than You.

It’s so damn true. It’s 20% of what you know, and most definitely 80% of Who You Know. Know people.
03. Write by Mig Reyes.

If you can’t communicate verbally, why the hell are you trying to communicate visually? Clients speak English, not designer lingo.
04. It's About You and Your Work, Not How You Package It by Mig Reyes.

Keep it simple, stupid. Over-done Flash doo-dads are time wasters, and probably sugar coat the fact that your work may suck. Additionally, people hire other great people who can work with each other for 8+ hours a day.
05. Don't Take It Personal by Mig Reyes.

Everyone is working toward one bigger cause. We create and design for other people, not ourselves. Embrace revisions, love critiques and most importantly, be honest.
Source: Flkr

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  1. Whoa, thanks for blogging our presentation!

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