Tiger “Woods Of Wisdom” : New Animated Spots For Gatorade

A new commercial campaign from Gatorade agency TBWA\Chiat\Day
touts a newly reformulated version of Gatorade Tiger with an animated
youthful Tiger Woods.  It’s one of those thing were you don’t know what
to think. I guess Tiger has got in touch with his Black side. Get ready to
hear some good words from somewhere. The real question, Was it a good
P.R. move or will there be backlash??? Can Tiger, truly do no wrong????
You decide…

Gatorade Tiger Focus has a new formulation with theanine, which is found naturally in tea, and when combined with advanced hydration and carbohydrates, helps people stay mentally focused. The new product has half the calories of traditional Gatorade Thirst Quencher and 25 percent more electrolytes as well as the added nutrition benefit of a good source (10% Daily Value) of vitamin E.

The spots are executed in Disney-style animation, a la Jungle Book. The wise Grizzly bear, Colonel, who is actually based on Tiger’s own father, Earl, is voiced by Samuel L. Jackson.

The below commercial stills are high res, click on them to enlarge and see the animation in detail:

The spots feature original music composed by Boosty Collins of Parliament Funkadelic fame, and includes voiceovers by Tiger’s swing coach Hank Haney and caddie Steve Williams.

Despite being lambasted by the Chicago Sun Times, Robert Littal’s BSO (Black Sports Online) is a fan and I believe there are many more to come. You can decide for yourselves.

Credits go to TBWA\Chiat\Day: ECD Rob Schwartz, group cd/copywriter Jimmy Smith, group cd/art director Jerry Gentile and associate cd/copywriter Robin Fitzgerald.

This campaign is only one part of a large creative marketing effort for Gatorade by TBWA Chiat/Day. Be sure to check out Mission G as well as the main Gatorade site.

Original Source: ifitshipitshere


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